There is a very nice explanation about the situation

faced by the whole NHS on the BBC website which

can be viewed here.

Please be kind, we understand that the NHS may not

be able to offer the services at present that you have

come to expect but this does not excuse poor behaviour.

Last week a patient reduced 3 staff members to tears

after a verbal interchange both over the phone and

also at the surgery as the patient came in to continue

the exchange.

The NHS is currently experiencing some of the most

severe pressures in its 70-year history.

GP surgeries across the country are experiencing

significant and growing strain with declining

GP numbers, rising demand, struggles to recruit

and retain staff and knock-on effects for patients.

In addition, GP practices have been at the

forefront of the NHS’ response to the COVID-19

outbreak, delivering vaccine appointments whilst

maintaining non-COVID care for patients throughout.

Further information, including statistics to back

this up can be found here.

Please be reassured that we are doing our utmost

to provide the best quality care we can, whilst adhering

to the more strict social distancing regulations that apply to all health care premises.